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apple cutter

Apple cutter is a kitchen utensil, Which you have to see in all modern kitchens. Fly-Feather Apple cutter saves your lots of time and reduces your work. This apple cutter helps you whenever you want to prepare healthy fruit dishes for you and your family. Using this apple cutter, you can cut and slice your favourite fruits like apple, orange, and pears within a few minutes in a very minimum effort.


The round metal ring of the Fly-feather apple cutter is divide into eight sections. Every blade of the apple cutter is made with stainless steel material, making the apple cutter durable enough for a long time. Fly-Feather Apple cutter removes the core, pips from an apple, and gives eight significant slices of an apple.

Material Of Apple Cutter:

  1. Stainless steel blades:

The Fly-feather apple cutter’s blade cutter is made with a high-quality stainless steel material corrosion-free and makes your fruit preparation much more manageable and exciting.

                 2.  Food Grade Plastic:

The apple cutter’s plastic is a high-quality food-grade plastic, which is easy to use, safe, and durable for a long time.

Features Of Apple Cutter:

 1. Carry in Traveling:

 This Apple Cutter is Lights-weight and Flexible to move forward in the Traveling.

 2. Durable:

 The high quality of the material of the apple cutter is durable for a long time.

3. Dishwasher safe:

 You can easily wash and clean an apple cutter after its use.

4. 8 Sharp stainless steel blade:

 The eight sharp blades of the apple cutter Apple care made with a stainless steel material help you get eight sufficient slices of apple.

 6. Multipurpose Use:

 You can use this tool to prepare delicious apple snacks or fruit salads for your friends or families. To cut pears, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, etc.

How To Use Fly Feather Apple Cutter?

  1. Place the apple cutter on the top of the apple.
  2. Push the apple cutter bottom side.
  3. You can get eight slices of an apple.
  4. Eat and Enjoy it.


“Fly Feather eight Blades Stainless Steel Apple cutter” is a kitchen utensil for removing the core, pips from an apple, and cutting the apple. The Apple cutter is made with a high-quality material, which makes the apple cutter durable. Apple cutter cuts apple within a couple of seconds. Apple cutter is also helpful for cut fruits like apples, oranges and pears.


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