Fly Feather Analogue Brown Dial Leather Strap – Sports Watch For Men

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We are representing you with The Fly Feather Analog Brown Dial Leather Strap Watch. It isn’t just an extension of style and design; this watch also can be an extension for you. Every person has their own choices of style that make them a unique and stylish person. Our “Fly Feather” brand has different types of cool watches to suites on your every function.

The Watches For Men becomes fashionable nowadays. It is said that if there is a clock in the hand then the time is good for you and also you can give a gift not only to yourself but also to someone close to you. As everyone has different choices and their own budget.  Whichever product is convenient for your budget, you can buy this product and watches for men at a minimum price from shoppingwithdeals.

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About Sports Watch For Men: –

Brand                                 : Fly Feather
Brand Material Type         : Leather
Dial Colour                        : Brown
Brand Colour                     : Brown

Features of Analogue Brown Dial Leather Strap Sports Watch For Men:

  • Stainless Steel Dial

  • Scratch-Resistant Crystal

  • Water-Resistant

  • Smooth Rotatable Crown

  • attractive design


Stainless Steel Dial

  • This analog watches for men is a brown, round dial, within stainless steel. This watch is made of stainless steel material. This material doesn’t rust during the contact of water and neither does Corrosion
  • These watches for man are made of stainless steel materials that protect against moisture and damage from seawater (salts and acids). Stainless steel material is the best quality for watching.

Scratch-Resistant Crystal:

  • Our watch is a scratch-resistant crystal watch glass, which prevents horrid scratches on the glass surface and provides a clearer view over a longer period of time.

Water Resistant:

Smooth Rotatable Crown:

  • This watch allows you to set the time also date & day; by rotating clockwise, you can change the day, and by rotating anti-clockwise can change the date on the dial.

attractive design:

  • The design of this watch is nice and comfortable to wear so it is attractive.


The “Fly Feather” brand manufactures watches for men which consist of a different type of style and design. Get this Analog Brown Dial Leather Strap Watches for men at an affordable price.

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