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Smart Candy Box

Candy Box

When we talk about sweets, where do we live? A person sitting in India will always think of Barfi, Ghulam Jamun, Jalebi, and many other delicious desserts. While most of the other countries’ chocolates are known for sweet and few other sweet desserts. Fly Feather Sweet Box is the best product for you to fill your sweets.

If you are thinking of giving a gift to your friend and family then Candy Box is the best product for you. This flower candy box and sweet box design are very unique so it will help enhance the look of your dining table. Sweet boxes and candy boxes are useful for filling sweets, biscuits, dry fruits, and chocolate, etc. This fly feather candy box is multipurpose uses because this candy box or sweet box can be easily moved from one place to another. So, it is very useful for the kitchen, traveling time, etc.

The candy box is different five partitions so we can use all partitions. This candy box is routing clockwise and anticlockwise, this candy box will open on Clockwise and close on Anticlockwise.

sweet box


Material: –


  • Smart Candy Box is made of high-quality ABS plastic material. ABS Plastic is used in many products it is one of the high-quality plastics.
  • ABS Product specifications that 27×9.5CM. Petal-shaped Nut Sundry Snacks Plastic Storage Box along with this sweet box.
  • Smart Candy Box is safe to store sweet and food because it’s made of high-quality plastic material. Nuts, dry fruits, and snack food are store.

Smart Candy Box Design: –

  • Storage capacity: – 500 gm to 3 kg
  • Shape: – flower shape
  • Color: – multicolor
  • Type: – printed
  • Material: – ABS high-quality plastic
  • Smart Candy Box Design is very unique. Candy Box inside five boxes in which you can do store food and sweets. And with that comes the mobile stand as well. And this candy box is also rotated.
  • Smart Candy Box design with a unique mechanism.


Multiple item store:

  • Smart candy box comes with 5 boxes then you easily store sweet and food like snacks and dry fruit.

 Smart candy box with mobile stand:

  • Smart candy box design with mobile stand. You can use it to watch movies and even in the kitchen at mealtime.

Easy to use:

  • You can use a candy box then you can easily store sweets and food for a long time. We can use this sweet box in different-different ways. We can fill it with sweets, chocolate, dry fruits, and any kind of food. You can use this sweet box easily because the design is very nice and simple.

Easy to clean:

  • Every person can easily wash this sweet box because its design is very simple.

Good Strength, Non-Breakable: 

  • A smart candy box has good strength because is made of high-quality plastic material. That is, it does not break easily.
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