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Fly Feather-Smart Cutter and Chopper

cutter and chopper

Are you bored of cutting vegetables through a knife?

We are representing you a great combo of quick vegetable cutter and smart chopper. The clever cutter is quite durable and it is one of the fastest tools for cutting vegetables. The clever cutter has a sharp blade so that we can cut our vegetables very safely. It is easily used to open the soda bottle and any glass bottle.

With this stylish chopper, you can simply cut various vegetables. Whenever you want vegetables in the form of a crumble you can use our speedy vegetable chopper. This chopper has a stainless steel blade that chops vegetables perfectly with a safety lid to protect your thumb and fingers.

You can safely cut many fruits and vegetables with this combo of cutter and chopper. You feel protected while cutting the vegetables and ensures various functionality for cutting and chopping using cutter and chopper.

Quick chopper

In 21 sanctuaries all new things are made with new and unique ideas so you can easily use them for multipurpose. Here we have come up  with this multipurpose quick chopper.

This chopper blade is manufactured with the best stainless steel material. You can use this quick chopper to make any vegetable slices easily.

Feature Of Quick Chopper:

  • Chopper Body Material: Hard Plastic
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Height: 8 cm
  • Width :  12.5 cm
  • Usage: Multipurpose

Quick Chopper Material:

This quick chopper is made with hard plastic material so you can easily wash it after using it. We use hard plastic material because you have not to fear to broken it either corrosion. This is forming using strong plastic material in this quick chopper.

Strong Qualities

As we said We fully take care of our customers to use our products easily and without facing any problems. We use the strong thread material to pull the grip. This thread is strong enough to handle maximum pressure because this strong thread works with gear so, many other choppers like these choppers which threads are easily broken in a few days of purchasing.

You can trust on us that our product is very stronger than other products. It works properly with full safety. This quick chopper blade is manufacture with strong, durable material. This chopper blade is stainless steel, so it’s never corrosion by water or any other liquid and as well as stronger material ever. This chopper has 3 blades and all blades are much shaped to chop all vegetables into very small slices.

How to use Quick Chopper:

This multipurpose quick chopper is very easy to use for every person. You can easily cut or slice any vegetables by using this chopper as you can see in images you can also chop tomato, capsicums, boiled potatoes, and many other vegetables and fruits. Using this chopper it cuts vegetables very easy and hassle-free in just a few minutes.


Steps to use Chopper

1: You just need to fix the blade with the surface of the chopper as well as with lid.

2 :  Now add vegetables and close lid of a chopper.

3:  Pull out the handle till it chops perfectly your vegetables.

Now you don’t need any electricity to start a mixture. You can easily chop vegetables using this chopper for better chops. This chopper is in medium size with lower weight so you can carry with you anywhere and use it easily without any troubling.

Clever Cutter:

This blade is manufacture with the combination of two high-quality materials stainless steel and plastic. The purpose behind a combination of them is that the steel-cut vegetables and plastic save hands from steel blade to prevent cuts.

You can wash this cutter in dishwasher easily like other things in the kitchen. This cutter is able to resist heat and cold with its Lightweight you can easily move and place it anywhere. With this highly strong material use in manufacturing, it has Long-lasting life.

Feature Of Clever Cutter:

  • Cutter Body Material: Hard Plastic
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • locking system: yes
  • Usage: Multipurpose

Clever Cutter Material:

Stainless steel blades provide perfect cutting doesn’t matter whatever you are chopping. Now you are just on the way of feeling the height quality of chopping in your kitchen. It works smoothly so just press it with both hands at a time and it will cut vegetables and fruits like a little sword cut things. Steel body provides proper support to the blade and plastic frame to keep working with safety. Another safety feature of this cutter is that handle made with plastic so hands stay safe while chopping.

Safety with Multiple Functionalities:

Safety lock allows you to use it in two different ways either scissor or knife. Spring suspension helps to make this knife more flexible if it is in scissor-style or knife. It is very smooth in work, So there is no need to worry about harm in hands by pressing it while chopping. As it names suggest it is smart cutter because of its multiple functionalities and Bottle opener is one this functionalities that make it multi-purpose cutter.

The edge is manufactured with stainless steel so it is very sharp and strong enough to cut harder vegetables. As earlier maintain it is a multi-functional cutter soIt is difficult to find one of this kind of multifunctional kitchen tool in the market at this price with this much functionality. So you can easily buy it on at an affordable price.


This combo of cutter and chopper is being a time-Saver kitchen appliance for you. You can rid of standing in the kitchen for hours. You can solve this problem by using this combo. It maintains and cleans easily with clear water. Now, it’s time to get relaxed and feel free because this combo ends your knife problems. You can buy it at shopping with deals and see our other combo offers for saving time.

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